The Song Is Heard

The bells of joy in distant ring,

Drifting through the long laid mist,

Reaches the ears of the lost soul,

Searching for her Lordly king.

Stunned is she and all awake,

Still and not a breath escapes,

As she drinks in the lovely song,

Fearing that it wont last long.

She stumbles, her way through the dark,

Fighting clueless of what she fights for,

Hoping to find solid firm ground,

Wishing to reach her kingdom lore.

The song of joy slowly fades,

Leaving her

to grope in vain,

Engulfed in a dark-dark void,

Pain makes its presence felt.

A sad tune leaves her lips,

Mixed with tears of utter grief,

Woken up by a sudden sting,

Far away a king, his heart he grips.


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