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With the setting sun to my back,and the playful breeze among the chimes, my porch gave a pleasant view of the evening sky,which was now spotted with the little birds returning to their nests. I was just beginning to appreciate the beauty of nature,when my perspective on life took an unexpected turn into a whole new dimension. I was shocked, as the realization hit, that life had its roots in love, joy, trust and other such abstract entities. Yet it is one incredible form of science, that had made man to ponder over for years. A little blossoming flower,the busily buzzing bee, an eagle soaring high, a crouching tiger and every other living being, reflects the importance of life and moreover the  undeniable purpose it holds. Every dawn breaks with a goal and every dusk sets with a satisfaction of achievement. Life happens to be intertwined, creating wonders, thus giving it a priceless place at the very heart of nature. But this many layered life can be toppled within the blink of an eye. Even the most random teeny tiny action can bring about a domino-effect. Years of nurturing and just a second to destroy. Yes!, life is more fragile than the silence that it leaves behind.


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