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Well, if you are reading this on the 14th of March,2016, dude you have deciphered the clue well. To be honest ‘139’character spacing is not at all enough to pour out my thoughts about you, nor do I know well the inner you to pen volumes about. Hence this space! First of all let me wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And whether i say or not, the Almighty’s blessings will be showered upon you.

I don’t  know if you are thinking about this, but I am as I write- ‘Nostalgia’. Let me take you to a time (well no hype) exactly a year back, give or take few months. The first thing about you that caught my eye or rather my ears was “Vanakkam Dudeu”. Then the similarity in our looks which kind of shocked me. At that precise moment never did I think, that we would stick through the thick and thin like glue. I really really don’t remember the passing time. But what stays vivid is the rainbows of memories we built.

Starting from the fight for the last potato crisp, stealing food from pantry, 5-minute naps, movie marathons, last minute roll calls, bad hair days,to the breakdowns, speed bumps, heartbreaks, you have always been there by my side. Even when i am on the verge of giving up, you have  your steadfast faith in me, pulling me up back to my feet. When the world looked into my face and said ‘you are a big  time loser’ you pointed out the best in me and showed me my worth. I have not the faintest idea of how my life in this place would have been if it weren’t for you.

Dude, don’t take them to be mere words, these are from the deepest parts of my heart, where only you have been able to reach. These are my emotions, printed. You have been everything to me. I can bet with my entire life that i can turn to you and you will be there for me, with the warmth of a mother’s love, the care of a sister, the helpful hands of a friend, with the all good wishes of  a well wisher and the best of all -YOU. And if one thing I pray to God, it is to keep us in this cocoon of our world till we breathe our last.

With loads of love,



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