Hark people! Don’t you hear the silent screaming of the dead Syrian child washed ashore? Or the agonies of the people who throw themselves on the train tracks? Children who go to sleep on sidewalks tend to sleep for ever. Greek towns fill up with tents to accommodate the refugees arriving everyday at the shores. Yes! This is the crisis that Europe faces today, which kick-started with the sinking of around 5 boats, resulting in migrant casualties.
Today around 19 million people have been forced to flee their homes in the Middle-East, sub Saharan-Africa and elsewhere. Most of them head to Europe which is why the crisis there appears acute. There are two reasons to this crisis and why it has grown so dire. The first is the overlapping web of war and crises. The second is the increasing anti-refugee politics in wealthy countries that are well suited to accept them. This crisis also has a demographic view. Professor Arnon Soffer, head of Geostrategy at the University of Haifa, says that the current refugee crisis is a result of uneven population growth around the world, which he expects to only get worse.
The question now is, ‘is this a problem of Europe alone’? Why aren’t the people helped when they need it the most? Why are most of the countries reluctant to extend their arms while thousands of refugee families are in peril? This man –made metastasizing catastrophe can be prevented if nations opened their hearts and doors.
The least our nation can do is, encourage the various charities and NGOs to open appeals specifically aimed at helping the plight of the refugees. As individuals we can educate others on the global crisis, spread awareness and take time to support the various smaller grass- roots efforts. But the best thing we can give them right from our hearts is a word of prayer.


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