With Kashmir to keep her head high and Kanyakumari to keep her feet strong Mother India stands over a wide expanse. The one thing that sets her apart and brings her glory is the unity in diversity that her children keep going.

Once she was put to shame when people from other lands pried her crown and smashed her halo.Her children joined hands and restored her fame pride and glory.Yet again a foreign invasion is occurring, slowly and cunningly its making its way through,under a perfect disguise.Our mother’s life lies in the individuality we sustain, the culture we follow and the heritage that we maintain.

This invasion has started with one state in the southernmost part of our home land. It will not take much time for their invasion to spread like wild fire all over the nation once they taste success here.They are trying to uproot our  culture, because it holds great beneficial values scientifically proven. We should never allow ourselves to be deprived of the gifts we hold. One such gift is the breeding science under the banner of Jallikattu.


Farmers prefer herding cows and bulls for the purpose of plowing their fields and using the cattle’s excreta for manure. Successfully we have been fooled into replacing these natural methods with artificial ones. We have moved onto tractors, pesticides and chemical fertilizers thereby causing a harm to ourselves. But somewhere in a corner few farmers held on to their culture and continued the breeding of bulls and cows. They are fighting with all they have to keep the local breeds from becoming extinct. The word ‘local’ may bring a slight feeling of dislike, but it this local breed which passes on strong genetic material and makes the milk we drink more nutritious.

If the foreign organizations succeed in banning the breeding of such local breeds, our farmers would have no other go than to submit their cattle in the hands of slaughter houses. This would eventually clear the path for the foreign traders to to introduce artificial insemination. If we let this happen, remember we will be killing our own family so that someone else might live.

Like how the mother’s milk provides a great strength to her baby, same thing is with our Motherland. She provides us with all that we need, but we seek the wonders of a foreign trend. Many may consider it a private opinion to use foreign products. I do not oppose, but I would like to bring it to light that by using their products you are being put to use. This is the current crux that we should rise in protest for.Is it not betrayal that we are showcasing when we let our Mother fall and crumble in front of our own eyes?

Dear Brothers and Sisters! This is the pleading cry of our Mother! Join hands. Lend your support. Give your voices! Become the flooding waters that no dam can stop. Be the roaring lions that shake the jungle.Let us show them no one can touch our Mother while even a single child of her still breathes.

The giants in disguise have become sure losers in the people’s court. Let us make them realize that fire burns if played with. Let us send them a clear message: ‘ India is ours and only ours. It is no place for people who try to poison us with their science brewed with an intention to own us!’And this is possible only if we stand united. Please come together. Protect what is ours. Let us not pave our own way to adulteration of purity!


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